Re: gtk-- & lists

Arun Thomas <> writes:
>     Sorry for sending this to the gtk list, but the gtk-- folks don''t
> have a mailing list for gtk-- app developers.
>     I am writing an app in Gtk--. I create a list in this app (
> list<string> gl; ). When I do this, I get a "list undeclared (first use
> of this function)" error. Here are the files I include:
> #include <iostream>
> #include <string>
> #include <gtk--/button.h>
> #include <gtk--/box.h>
> #include <gtk--/main.h>
> #include <gtk--/window.h>
> #include <gtk--/list.h>
> #include <gtk--/combo.h>

Try #include <list>, if that doesn't work then cut-and-paste the
entire function where you create the list so we can see it.


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