Re: text widget: wrap mode and cursor movement

"Arjen Siegmann" <> writes:
> Lately I've  created a simple text editor with Glade and some c-code,
> read most of the documentation on GtkText and GtkEditable and have the
> following question:
> If you use wrap mode, the arrow-up and arrow-down keys don't put you in
> the next or previous row of text (same column) , but on the next or
> previous _line_, which is pretty annoying if your typing a longer piece
> of text. First of all, can this be changed already by using a function
> like  gtk_text_set_visual_mode(..)? If so, which is it exactly?. If not, is
> this feature likely to appear in the new text widget?

The new widget works properly. I don't think there's a way to make the
old one do this right.


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