Re: cschtml and GnomeCanvas

Tom Cato Amundsen <> writes:
> Has is been considered adding cschtml, to 
> gtk+? It is GtkHTML (with strangely named is a gnome widget), but all
> gnome and bonobo dependencies has been removed.

No, an HTML widget will never go in GTK according to Owen, because
it's too big. (And I agree with Owen; GTK has to remain small enough
for him and Tim to maintain, and an HTML widget is just an enormous
can of worms. Moreover it's someting that will likely require ongoing
maintenance as the web evolves.)
So, the HTML widgets will remain separate libraries almost

> Also, has it been discussed moving GnomeCanvas from the gnome libs to
> gtk? If I am not totally wrong, gtk 2.0 will depend the libraries needed
> to build GnomeCanvas.

It's been discussed at fairly ridiculous length; however a final
decision on the principle of the thing has been delayed on the grounds
that getting the widget in GTK 2.0 isn't practical anyway, so we may
as well ignore the issue for now.

Andy Tai made a version of GnomeCanvas you can use separate from
GNOME, in the short term.


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