Re: gtk_widget_set_style() and themes

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Omar Barneto wrote:


> Vlad,
> I am attaching a short program to show the problem. In this program I create two
> buttons and change the normal state color of the first one. As you can see, the theme
> dissapears from the prelight and clicked states as well. This can be easily seen using
> a theme like etheme, which puts a graded shadow on the button. I've tried it with
> several other themes with the same behavior.

 I played with it a lot - and I should say it's nearly impossible to do what
you want if you use pixmap-based engine. Even if you don't change any color in
the style, the engine won't be used after you set_style on that widget (or you
have to GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS (w, GTK_RC_STYLE); to engage theme again, but
then the colors you've changed won't be used). Even doing that hack in
"state-changed" signal (setting/unsetting that flag for different
values of GTK_WIDGET_STATE(w)) doesn't work as expected (yes, I tried it, but
didn't find working solution).

 If your GUI design guidelines force you to make the button very
distinguishable from other, you can resort to sticking fancy pixmap on that
> Cheers,
> Omar.

 Best regards,

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