Re: Changing pixmaps on-the-fly

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Kristopher Kycia wrote:


> Hello all,
> I was wondering if anybody had ideas about how to dynamically change
> pixmaps on-the-fly.  I have a button on which I have a pixmap and I
> would like to change the pixmap each time you click on the button.  BTW
> my button is packed with a HBox containing 3 columns:  A label, the
> pixmap and another label.
> I'm not too sure how to do this because I am using Glade as a GUI
> builder.  If I was to code this up, I guess it would definetely be
> easier.  Unfortunatly then the design of the windows would take much
> more time.  Anybody have any ideas?

 gtk_pixmap_set allows you to change the image and mask used in
GtkPixmap. So, in you "clicked" handler, get the GtkPixmap widget in the
button (using lookup_widget(window,"button_name")) and call gtk_pixmap_set on
it with another GdkPixmap.
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