Re: gtk_widget_set_style() and themes

Thank you Vlad. The problem is as follows: I change the color for two states in
only one button. The rest of the buttons remain with their original theme
appearance. I would like that this button keeps its original appearance for the
other states, but instead it seems that  all the states of the button get the
colors changed. Those states for which I did not set the color apparently get
default colors. The theme dissapears in all the states. It looks like in the
sequence get_syle - modify style - set_style the theme is lost (but only in this
button). The question is how to avoid this and keep the original theme, at least
for the states for which I do not set new colors?

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Vlad Harchev wrote:

> On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Omar Barneto wrote:
> > How can I change a button's selected and prelight color and keep the
> > original theme appearance for the normal color? What I'm doing is use
> > gtk_widget_get_style(), set the two colors on the style and then
> > gtk_widget_set_style(). When I do that, the three colors are apparently
> > set and the theme appearance is lost. I'm running under Enlightenment. I
>   You write that you set two colors, and then your write that 3 colors are
> set... The fact that you're running under E doesn't matter.
>   Do you mean that all buttons in your app changed the color or what? If yes,
>   you should use gtk_style_copy and modify the returned style. Also note, that
>   some themes use pixmaps for drawing widgets, so even if you've chnaged the
>   color in some states, appearance of the widget won't change (try your code
>   with brushedmetal theme for example).
> > found a few probably related functions like gtk_theme_engine_get() etc.,
> > but couldn't find any documentation on them. Is there any documentation
> > or examples available about how to use this themes API?
>   I don't know about documentation on this - but you can look at the gtk
> source and at the source of some theme engines (namely pixmap).
>   You cna also modify gtkrc for your application (you can name the buttons
> using gtk_widget_set_name and then bind particular style in your gtkrc to the
> widgets with that name), and then load modified gtkrc using
> gtk_rc_set_default_files or gtk_rc_add_default_file.
> > Thank you and regards,
> >
> > Omar.
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