Re: GTK 1.3.1 text widgets correction

Shaker AL-Ghanmy <> writes:
> Hello,
> I am talking about the new gtk 1.3.1 that
> works with Pango API's .
> What is the difference between the original
> text_widget
> and the new text_view_widget ?

The new widget is supported and will work. The old widget is
> I have two functions that work on the gtkwidget
> class :-
> 1. gtk_widget_set_direction(GtkWidget *anything1 ,
> GtkTextDirection *anything2) .
> 2. gtk_widget_show(GtkWidget *anything) .
> Both of the above widgets(textwidget &
> textviewwidget)
> are subclasses of the gtkwidget , but my problem is
> :
> 1.the function#1 does not work with the textwidget.
> when I use it with this widget it cause nothing instead
> of changing the direction , but it works correctly
> with the text_view_widget.

GtkText is deprecated, it does not work properly with bidirectional
text and will not be enhanced to do so.

> 2.the function#2 does not work with the text_view_widget .
> unless I put that widget in scrolledwindow_widget
> (the last one is a container) .
> when I use function#2 with this widget without
> having a scrolledwindow as a container for it , it cause a
> segmentation fault during the run time although
> there is no compilation errors . I can not put it
> in a vbox and then use this function with it ,
> also I can not put it in another container else than the         
> scrolledwindow because of the mentioned error .

This bug was fixed after the 1.3.1 release, and is an example of how
1.3.1 is unstable. ;-) Use the CVS version of GTK, or wait for the
next snapshot release.
> I am thinking that I must use the text_view_widget
> exactly as it was used in the testtext program or
> it
> will cause problems .
> Please,tell me if my thinking is wrong and how.

Remember that 1.3.1 is an unstable snapshot, the API will change, and
it has many bugs.


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