Re: [gtk-list] Re: window icon

Leonardo Zide <> writes: 
>   The problem is that I'm not going to use the pixmap again, I just set
> the window icon and then I don't need it anymore. If I call:
>   load_pixmap ("icon.xpm", window, &pixmap, &mask);
>   gdk_window_set_icon (window->window, NULL, pixmap, mask);
>   gdk_pixmap_unref (pixmap);
>   gdk_pixmap_unref (mask);
>   Then the icon is not set but if I remove the last 2 lines then
> everything works. When the window is destroyed, does it decrease the
> reference count of the GdkPixmap or should I do it myself ?

GDK definitely doesn't store a reference to the pixmap on the
GdkWindow, so you definitely have to unref() eventually if you want
the client-side memory freed.

I don't see any mention of when you can free the pixmap in the Xlib
book or man pages. If the window manager sets the pixmap as background
tile or something on a window, then you can definitely free it; but
who knows when/if that happens.

Owen will know. ;-)


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