Re: [gtk-list] TODO list: grid widget?

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Adrian Feiguin wrote:
> I just read on the TODO list the following:
> "...
> In addition to list and tree widgets, a closely related need is a sheet
> widget that displays a (possibly editable) 2-D grid. It would be
> desirable to have a complete set of
>  widgets that could be presented as the one-true-solution for these
> needs. Model/View techniques could be used effectively to increase both
> the simplicity and power of the
>  interfaces. .."
> This sounds to me very funny, and sad at the same time. Me (and others)
> proposed many times to include GtkSheet in the main distribution,
> specially considering that it is very stable now and include lots of
> interesting features, including bindings to other languages. I even
> didn't recieve any (ANY!) answer from the gtk-team, and this is very
> perturbing, specially after reading the TODO list. What are we doing?
> Aren't we polite enough to communicate? I worked very hard on GtkSheet
> and GtkExtra and I am pretty sure that we can share a lot of experience
> if we want to add such a widget to the distribution, and gain a lot of
> time.
> On the other hand, I have to honestly say that I find very disturbing
> the gtk-team position and attitude, aren't we an open-source community?
> Don't we all participate in the growth of GTK+ as the most amazing, most
> widely used toolkit?
> I'd really appreciate any feedback and opinions,
> Regards,
You are right ... why they didn't use your solution ???
I think GtkSheet is a very nice thingto use  ...  

Andreas Scherf    

"It said uses Windows 98 or better, so I loaded Linux!"

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