Re: [gtk-list] Window Pixel Values

Hi Richard,

I believe there is a function called gdk_image_get which will allow 
you to take a GdkDrawable (such as the "window" field of a 
GtkWidget) and convert it to a Gdk image. As far as saving this 
image to a disk file...well...that's where my work comes in.

I'm working on a library which integrates the ImageMagick toolkit, 
which can save up to about 70 (!) file formats, with GTK+. I am 
calling this project "GdkMagick". Right now, it's far from complete 
and can only convert Gdk drawables to ImageMagick images. 
Looks like it might work for you, if you want to take the screen 
capture of a GTK/GDK window and save it to a file using 

The GdkMagick Web site is at the following address:

If you need more assistance, let me know (preferrably in private e-


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Subject:        	[gtk-list] Window Pixel Values

> Hi all,
> I have a window with some buttons, clist and a pixmap and I would like to
> save this to a file. I was thinking of using the GD library to output a PNG
> of the image. Using GD I can set the image pixel by pixel.
> So what I need to be able to do in GTK is get the pixel values of the
> windows including widgets there-in. I've gdk_image_get_pixel() but that only
> seems to work for images. Anyone got any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Richard
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