Re: [gtk-list] How do you reduce the width of a combo box?

John C Atkeson wrote:
>  All my combo boxes start up at the same default size, about 20 chars
> long, and will go no smaller.  gtk_set_usize doesn't affect them.

My guess is that its like other combination widgets where you need to
dig inside to find the internal widget and set its size.  If you look
in gtkcombo.h at the struct _GtkCombo you can see what all it is made
up of.  I would think a set_usize on the entry widget would be a start.

This is one area so far that I would have to say I don't like so much
about Gtk.  Its wonderful in so many areas but I don't like having to
delve into internal structures to do stuff like this...  It makes your
code so tightly tied to the internal implementation of the widget.  I
would rather see a clean interface that provides all the functionality
needed rather than partial functionality and the rest requires internal

Brad Pepers
Linux Canada Inc.            Home of Linux products in Canada!   Proud supporter of Cyclades, Red         Hat, and Caldera.

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