Re: [gtk-list] Selling a GTK+ application for money?

If you're only linking against GTK+ libraries, it is legal. GTK+ is
released under LGPL license. If you're taking any code out of a GPL or
LGPL program and modifying it, you must release the code to your program 
under GPL, although that doesn't mean you can't sell yours for money.


On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Paul Cardwell wrote:

> I can see major flaming coming my direction, but I need to know.
> I am writing an application in GTK+ and wish to sell it to make money.  Is
> this possible using GTK+ and linking it in via shared libraries?
> Should I be using Qt w/ commercial licensing or a Motif gui library?
> I'd rather find out now than later if it is legal and acceptable.
> Paul
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