dynamic menus with GtkItemFactory (or without)?

 Hello all,

 Is it possible to have "dynamic" menus in the program using
GtkItemFactory - i.e. insert/delete/append items to menu(bar)s
during run-time? From just looking at the headers, I can't find
anything like this, but may be I'm looking in a wrong place?

 If not, what is the best way to do it? Apparently, there are no
principal problems doing this with the "normal" menu functions
like gtk_menu_append/insert(), but I'd then need to rewrite
all GtkItemFactory code (hotkey and accelerator support mainly)
in my own app which would be quite a big work, so is there some
smart way to avoid doing it? Or may be someone has already done
this before (and could share the code :-)?

 Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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