Re: [gtk-list] Re: g_malloc() aborts when enough memory is not found?

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Mikko Rantalainen <> writes:
> > While testing exception handling of my program I noticed that when I'm
> > using g_malloc() and I'm trying to allocate more memory than it's
> > currently available g_malloc calls abort() and thus prevents me from
> > handling the problem by myself.
> >
> > If I replace g_malloc with plain malloc everything works as expected.
> >
> > How I can tell g_malloc not to abort if memory cannot be allocated? GLIB
> > "reference" at does not help much.
> If you need non-aborting behavior, use malloc() ;-)
> g_malloc() is basically a wrapper around malloc() that aborts
> if memory cannot be allocated.
> [ Right now, there is also the ability to add some simple checking
>   into the g_malloc() with compile time options to g_malloc() -
>   so you should not mix malloc() and g_free() or vice-versa.
If I really do mix it, would my application crash ?

If yes, will it depend on the system I am using ?

I have some small command-line utilities which do not use GTK.
They use malloc and I don't want them to use Glib because
they are relatively simple and I don't want to force the user
to install / compile Glib just for these tools.

However, as soon as I use GTK as the user-interface toolkit and
use some functions in these command-line utils, my
problem is, obviously, that I'll use g_malloc (from GTK)
and malloc (from my utils).
Will that cause problems ?
If yes, I'll redefine "malloc" to be "g_malloc" if I compile
these functions for use in a GTK program. If that is possible,
that is.

TIA for any help.


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