Re: [gtk-list] How to tell window to come to front?

Just so this is archived for people looking in the future, I wanted to
note to the list the answer to my query:

gdk_window_raise() is the function to call.

Too bad this isn't a method on GtkWindow or it would have been obvious!

- Stephan


On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Stephan R.A. Deibel wrote:

> I am trying to implement a Windows menu that will bring windows to front
> upon selection from the menu.
> Nothing I've tried to bring the window to front has worked!
> What is the correct / official way to do this?  I may be having problems
> because I am making the calls from a signal handler, but wasn't able to
> find info in any of the docs / faqs / etc on whether anything I've tried
> was even correct.
> Thanks for any info!
> - Stephan
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