Re: [gtk-list] uninstalling previous GTK components

On Tue, 18 May 1999 13:18:40 -0500, (Jeremy Hirn) wrote:
> Hi there, I am a newer linux user and am having a small problem, i installed
> glib and GTK+ to compile some software i wish to add to my machine.  My problem
> is with GTK+, it seems to be installed correctly and the gtk-config file spits
> all the correct parameters for the installation, however when i go to compile
> anything it says it "GTK+ header files (version 1.0.5) do not match
> library(version 1.2.3). would i be correct in assuming that i have leftovers
> from a previous version of gtk and how would i remedy this? thanks in advance
> for anyones help, it would be appriciated.

My guess is that you  have GTK 1.0.5 development header files installed as
a package in /usr/include, and you installed the GTK 1.2.3 header files in
/usr/local/include. The compiler has a search path for header files, and
/usr/include is before /usr/local/include, so it first finds the old GTK
1.0.5 header files.

It depends a bit on your distribution how you should remove the old header
files. First find out which package to remove. If you have an rpm based
distribution (RedHat, SuSE), use "rpm -qf /usr/include/gtk/gtk.h" to find
out; for Debian systems, use "dpkg -S /usr/include/gtk/gtk.h". Now remove
that package with the package manager.  In any case *don't* use "rm -rf
/usr/include/gtk", because that will mess up the package managers


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