Re: [gtk-list] Signals, connecting

>I didn't get any response to the specific question, so I'll try restating
>the general question. How does one go about finding what signals are
>available to connect to for a paticular widget type?
>I'm currently trying to find a signal from a spin button that I can use to
>determine when the arrows have been clicked (and/or the value changed be
>hand) so I can update the screen.
>However if there is a general listing of all signals and what widgets they
>apply to somewhere, it would be very useful to know about.

    There is a nearly complete one in the gtk tutorial (see it online).

    By the way (on 1.2.2), the gtk spin button comes from the entry
    widget, which in turn comes from the editable widget
    (which is something like a base widget).

    I cannot see why this spin button do not just inherits one of the button
    class, since it *is* actually a button (and don't tell me it's not :).
    I agree that in most cases, the spin button is used in conjunction with
    an editbox, but I don't think it is the proper way to do this (having
    a separate spin button would allow you to use it with other stuff, like
    buttons or interactive progress bars, ...).

    If someone here could go further in this philosophical discuss :)


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