[ANNOUNCE] GtkADa 1.2.1

GtkAda 1.2.1 release

GtkAda is an Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+ version 1.2.x. It
allows you to develop graphical applications in Ada95 using Gtk+.

Currently, all widgets  of the Gtk+ 1.2 series have  been bound. The
binding  for the Gdk part is not complete yet, but is already pretty
much in place.

To test our toolkit, the testgtk program has been almost completely 
re-implemented and is also distributed.

LSM entry follows :
 Title:  GtkAda
 Version: 1.2.1
 Entered-date: 06MAY99
 Description: Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+ (version 1.2.x) 
 Keywords: Ada95 Ada Gtk+ Gtk X Gui Glade
 Author: Emmanuel Briot <briot@gnat.com>, Joel Brobecker <jbrobecker@west.raytheon.com> and Arnaud Charlet <charlet@gnat.com>
 Maintained-by: gtkada@ada.eu.org
 Primary-site:  http://ada.eu.org/gtkada/
 Original-site: http://ada.eu.org/gtkada/ 
 Platforms: SunOS-5.5.1 Linux-2.0.35 Linux-2.0.36 DECUnix-4.0b IRIX-6.5 HP/UX-10.20
 Copying-policy: GPL (with a slight modification, see headers of *.ad[bs] files

New features in 1.2.1 include:

- The docs/ directory now contains a set of slides describing GtkAda
- Installation problems reported with 1.2.0 have been fixed
- Gdk.RGB has been bound
- Updated features in Gtk.Style and Gtk.Table
- The editor example has been completed
- GtkAda is now capable of fully converting any C widget to the correct Ada
  widget, even if the C widget was not created by GtkAda itself. This
  provides a full dynamic dispatching capability that was still missing.
  (see gtk-type_conversion.ads for more information)
- Tested on HP/UX

New features in 1.2.0 include:

- All 1.2.0 widgets are now bound (including Gtk.Ctree)
- New directory structure
- First version of the documentation
- Code generation simplified in GATE
- New widgets supported by GATE/DGATE
- Support for Accelerators in widgets
- New examples in the example/ directory: how to create a widget directly
  in Ada (both composite widgets and widgets from scratch); a simple editor
  generated using Glade.

New features in 0.6 include:

- Upgrade to GTK+ 1.2.0
- Glib.XML provides a generic XML parser written in Ada
- GATE (Glade Ada Translator and Evaluator) parses the XML project files
generated by glade (a GTK+ GUI builder) and generates the corresponding
compilable Ada code. It is also able to incorporate user's changes done
between two code generations.
- DGATE (Dynamic GATE) is able to load any XML project file, create the
corresponding widgets and connect all the specified signals. It is a very
useful tool during development that allows you to test your GUI without having
to recompile anything. 
- GtkAda now gives you the possiblity to extend widgets using standard Ada 95 OO
constructs. This avoid the use of User_Data, and of course also provides a
stronger typing mechanism than User_Data provides. 
- GtkAda now provides a configure script to ease the build and installation of
this toolkit. 
- Some effort has been made to make this toolkit available on 64 bits machines,
GtkAda has actually been tested on Dec Unix.

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