Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk+ problems (for beginners, at least)

Allaud Emmanuel wrote:
> At 07:31 04/05/99 +0200, Norbert Bladt wrote:
> >Now, I wonder, whether using Gtk-- will help me here.
> >Because inheritance in C++ can be used, I should be able to simply
> >call
> >       MytextWidget->set_position
> >or something like it.
> >This should work because the "text_widget" class is derived from the
> >'editable' class.
> >Is that what Gtk-- allows me to do ?
> Yes, that's all the power of Gtk-- which allows you to use c++
> object-features when manipulating gtk+ objects : polymorphism, inheritance...
> If you are familiar with c++ (or if you want to learn), I think gtk-- is
> something great to handle gtk+ programming.
OK. That convinces me in trying it (after my vacation).

Thanks for your replies.


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