Re: [gtk-list] Re: linux w/o pthread

>"pixel" <> writes:
>> Hi Lords,
>> I have a linux system here without pthread. When I compile
>> glib (with the --without-thread flag on ./configure), it
>> give me a compile-time error (something in gmain.c, line
>> 715 : poll_waiting is undefined here if you compile without
>> the thread support. So, two questions :
>Yes, there is a bug in 1.2.2 like this. However, unless
>I am quite mistaken, only --disable-threads has this
>problem. If you use --without-threads instead, things
>should be fine. (--enable-threads removes all threading
>support, --without-threads leaves in threading support,

>but does not build a thread imlementation)

    Oups. Yes, of course, it's in --disable-thread. But
    ./configure gave me an error when it did not find any
    thread support on this linux box. I can post you 
    the config.log file this night or tomorrow. 
>> 1) can someone reproduce this on his system (simply a matter
>> of giving the correct flag to configure).
>> 2) if this is a bug (as I think), what is the proper way to
>> do this ? I think the better thing to do is to enclose the
>> lines 715 to 720 in a classic #ifdef/#endif. The nearer #ifdef
>> here should be _THREAD_SAFE, or something like that.
>It's been fixed in CVS for a while. We should have a
>release out in the next few days. For now, just build
>--without-threads instead.

    So I'll wait 1.2.3
>In fact, GLIB _should_, if you don't have threading 
>on your system, automatically choose --without-threads
>if you run configure without any extra options. I
>don't know why this isn't working for you.

    I do not know too :)
    Thanks for your help.


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