Re: keyboard input bug

Jakub Steiner <> writes:

> This is a end-user type of question:
> I experienced a strange coredump-on-keyboard-shortcuts on any gtk
> app. It is ok on a pII computer, but the same library (glib/gtk
> 1.1.13/1.2.X) on amdk6-2 and p133 and same system (RH5.2
> distribution/2.0.36 kernel) crashes. I thought it was a matter of
> the gtk libs, cause after I upgraded the lib while in the 1.1.X
> series, the bug was gone. (don't remeber which one) But it appeared
> again after some upgrade.
> Since I'm completely lost tracing the real reason for this behavior, I'd be
> thankfull for any hint

 - Does the problem occur in the item factory test in testgtk?

 - Can you provde a backtrace?

 $ gdb testgtk
 (gdb) r
 [ produce crash ]
 (gdb) where

I can be pretty certain that RH-52 + GTK+ doesn't normally
crash on keyboard shortcuts since I'm still running that
combo myself ;-)


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