Re: Cursor over widget

>>During execution, somme assert are violated, and the cursor is not 
>>changed when the mouse goes over the window.
>>   gdkwindow.c line 1455 assertion 'window!= null' failed
>This is usually because you are trying to set the cursor before your
widget is
>realised - could that be the problem?
Yes and no. After adding the realisation of the drawingarea before setting
the cursor,
an assert failure still occur. Except that now when the drawing area is
displayed, the
cursor is changing, as it should.

The drawingarea is not displayed when created as it is masked by others
window. Is
that the cause of the assert failure ? In this case, may i just ignore it,
as the
association is done when the area is displayed ?

In any case, thousand thanks for the answer! i was not epecting such a fast

Guillaume Patry

Patry Guillaume                       LISI /ENSMA
Doctoral Student                      Site du Futuroscope, BP 109
tel:                  Futuroscope Cedex 9 France

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