gtk_label_parse_uline() in Gtk 1.2.0

I'm manually calling gtk_label_parse_uline() in the course
of construction menu items with accelerators.  When calling
this function, I'm passing in a string with an underscore
inserted before the character I want to bind.  Everything
works great, except for my Most Recently Used menu items.
For example, I might pass in "_1 /tmp/my_file.abw", but
the function continues past the first underscore and builds
a string with the "f" in "file" underlined also.

The way the loop is constructed, the return value (the character
code of the underlined character) is only set the first time.
Should this function continue to underline subsequent
occurrences of characters following underscores, or simply
copy the string verbatim (which seems to be the right
thing to do, since only one value is returned).

It's a very simple fix to the loop.

Shaw Terwilliger

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