HTML widget for GTK+ (not GNOME)

	I would like to have an HTML widget in a GTK+ application I'm
writing and I know Gtk-XmHTML is available to those who are using
GNOME, but is one available unbundled and can be used with GTK+ alone?

	Alternatively, what's the deal with the upcoming
Netscape/Mozilla 5 as far as having an HTML "component" along the
lines of the IE ActiveX control under Windows?  I know those folks are
working with this XPCOM thing that should allow this (especially since
Mozilla is now a GTK+ app) but I wasn't sure how far they've got with
this on Unix systems.  You gotta admit the ability to embed the IE
ActiveX thing in any application is sweet and it'd be great to have
something like that for X.

James Macnicol

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