The2dCour - Help installing GTK+

I have checked the FAQ. and asked around everywhere... I had v1.006 
installed, it didnt work right because I forgot to get glib. Then I 
noticed a 1.200, so I got that and glib and installed them... now I get 
errors when I compile programs... Here is the procedure in which I 
installed glib/gtk+:
make ; make install
make ; make install

I have no clue what is going wrong, I'm new to Linux (Slackware) and 
can't seem to install any GTK software... it all stops at the 
Here are the errors I get:
Test programs failed Why:
It failed to link or compile... most likely because of incorrect 
installation or you moved the files. Configure error: Cannot find GTK: 
is gtk-config in path?

it also says I may want to edit gtk-config...
gtk-config is in /usr/local/bin
Tell me what else you guys need to know about this to help me... I tried 
deleteing *gtk* *gdk* *gck* etc and gmodule... even all the glib stuff I 
could find and reinstalling... whats up?

Thanks in advance,
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