Re: [gtk-list] Re: Request for new function in glib (was: how can I trust glib when it has so manymemleaks?)

Ionutz Borcoman wrote:

> What is your "crappy little system"'s OS ? My "little crappy Debian" has
> only gdb, but not dbx.

Every Unix, from the dawn of civilization, had dbx. But, Gnu's not Unix,
so you don't have it. This one, in particular, is Solaris dbx. I think
that other dbxen don't have `check -leaks' option, but I could be wrong.

> Where can I dowloand dbx sorces from ?

You can't. Solaris is free (beer) for personal use and you can order
the OS sources if you happen to be an educatinal institution and if
you sign a certain licence which some people describe as "giving
your firstborn child to Sun." This isn't that bad if you could make
them pay the alimony.

However, Sun, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to ship the C
compiler, debugger & co. with the OS, but to sell it separately instead.
This means you don't get it for free and I doubt it's included
in the OS sources. But you can download it from their web site, along
with the demo licence if you agree to a certain nondisclosure licence.

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