Re: [gtk-list] Re: Adding new widgets to themes ...

Hi Arjan,

"J.A.M. Molenaar" wrote:
> Hi,
> Gnome does that already... It'll save you a lot of time...

Uhm, sorry, but I suppose you mean Gnome provides some sort of
Messagebox? Ok, that doesn't come as a big surprise to me (actually I
only write "my" GtkMessageBox to learn how to write widgets ...).
I'm not currently using Gnome, 'cause I'm pretty busy with work, and
Gnome sure would distract me from that (in the most positive meaning :).

The other part of my posting was of more importance to me ... So if
anybody can give any help on how to extend the themeability of (new)
widgets, I'd be truly grateful.



Christian Kreibich
Am Gruebel 7b                          " Simpson, eh ? "
D-82205 Gilching                    -- Montgomery Burns --
Tel. (+49) 08105 278065

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