Re: [gtk-list] Realizing a widget.

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Paul Braman wrote:

> After reading a brief description of realizing a widget in my X
> programming book I am still a little confuzzled.
> The traditional method of building, say, a complex window would have:
>     1)  Create a new window.
>     2)  Add stuff to the window.
>     3)  Show the window.
> However I have seen code which adds a step:
>     1.5)  Realize the window.
> My question, how do you determine which widgets you want to realize and
> which aren't necessary?  (It is my understanding that complex widgets
> might benefit from realizing, but I'm not sure why or where you would draw
> the line.)

If I'm wrong correct me:
1. any widget is realized, if it shown (if you had not done it manualy,
it is done automaticly)
2. you need to realize widget manualy, if you need it to be realized :)
this mean, that after realizing widget gets some intrinsic defined, e.g.
colormap, and you need it to be defined if you need to have 'color' with
your widget -- assign an icon to window, or put a pixmap in it, for

Alexander Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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