Re: [gtk-list] Re: guile-gtk-0.14 problems with gtk+-1.2

Ramses Morales <> writes:

> I had GNOME fully working, compiled from tarballs, with gtk+/glib
> 1.1.16 compiled from tarballs, till sunday when I tried to make it
> work with gtk+ 1.2 and glib 1.2.

Chances are that you didn't need to run aclocal previously.  You do
not need to run it during a normal compile session, only when you
change (and maybe some other file).

> What's wrong?

I still think it really is the case that--on your system--aclocal is
not looking into the directory where gtk+ installed its gtk.m4 file.

> It didn't cared before about the fact that automake is not located
> under /usr/local. I could reinstall automake, this time from tarball
> and not RPM, but I don't think that's a good solution.

I don't know what a good solution would be (out of ignorance).  Maybe
there is an environment variable you could set for aclocal, or

- Marius

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