ANNOUNCE: GtkSheet-7.6

GtkSheet is a matrix widget for Gtk+. It consist of an scrollable grid of
cells where you can allocate text which can be edited interactively. It is
also a container subclass so it allows you to display buttons, curves,
pixmaps and any other widget in it. You can also set many attributes as:
border, foreground and background color, text justification, etc. GtkSheet
comes also with an extra set of useful widgets: GtkComboBox, GtkColorCombo,
and GtkBorderCombo. A demo program shows all of them interacting in a
spreadsheet-like GUI.

This distribution includes the following set of widgets:

    * GtkSheet
    * GtkSheetEntry
    * GtkComboBox
    * GtkColorCombo
    * GtkBorderCombo

and a demo program showing their features acting interactivelly.

Anonymous ftp:


GtkSheet has its own Home Page!
Take a look at


- This is mainly a bugfix release. Thanks again to the quicklist team.

  List of fixed bugs:
  * Ctrl+Key.
  * row/column deletion.
  * flashing range scrolling.
  * child widgets scrolling.
  * auto scrolling.
    (If you click on the last cell of a row/column, the sheet scrolls to show the 
     entire cell.)
  * selection DnD.
  * selection highlighting 
    (patched by Sam Phillips from the quicklist team <>)
  * hiding titles when the widget is not realized. 
    (Thanks to Glenn Trigg <> --

- Renamed libGtkSheet.a as libgtksheet.a


- New field in the GtkSheetCell struct : 
  gpointer link;

- You can link a cell to an object using:
  gtk_sheet_link_cell(GtkSheet *sheet, gint row, gint col, gpointer link);
  gtk_sheet_get_link(GtkSheet *sheet, gint row, gint col);

  The only efect is making cell->link point to the given object.

- New signal "clear cell"

- Bug fix in column shifts when they are deleted
  Thanks to Nick Slobodsky <> 


* Rows/Columns insertion/deletion optimized.

* Improvements in scrollbars

* Improvements in dragging and resizing selections

* Features added:

- Multiline button labels. ("this is\na multiline\nlabel")

- Themeable button gadgets.

- gtk_sheet_attach (GtkSheet *sheet, GtkWidget *child,
		    gint row, gint column,
		    gfloat x_align, gfloat y_align); 

  Attaches a child widget to the given cell with the given alignments.
  The child is reallocated each time the column or row changes, keeping
  attached to the same cell.


Thanks to Jan Fedak <> for his comments, and to the
quicklist team for their perseverance (


Silly but big bug fixed on previous version.


More silly bugs fixed. Thanks again to Sam and Bob.
(gtk_sheet_set_column_width/row_height, gtksheet_row/column_set_sensitivity)

Thanks to Erwan Corvellec <> for his patches and bug reports.

Twitching scrollbars aren't anymore.

Makefile builds libGtkSheet.a


Maily a bug fix release, and some new features:

* About a dozen of "invisible" bugs fixed thanks to Quicklist team 
( Special thanks to Bob Lissner <>
and Sam Philips <>. GtkSheet is being used by Quicklist,
and these guys made a lot of tests for it. 

* Features added:

 - gtk_sheet_set_column_titles_height(GtkSheet *sheet, gint height);

 - gtk_sheet_set_row_titles_width(GtkSheet *sheet, gint width);

 - gtk_sheet_column_set_justification(GtkSheet *sheet, gint column, 
                                      gint justification);

  If column->justification != GTK_JUSTIFY_FILL (default value) it 
  will always win over individual cells' justifications.

  - New flag: GTK_SHEET_AUTO_SCROLL. For default this flag is on. If
  you turn it off, gtksheet won't scroll automatically to keep the 
  active cell in the viewport. 


GtkSheet has moved to gtk+-1.2 and new features have been added.
This version has been tested with gtk+-1.2.0

* GtkSheet is a self scrolling widget a la GtkClist and GtkLayout. 
You have to add it to a scrolled window to display it propertly.
Shadow borders will be fixed with the patch added to gtkscrolledwindow.

* Container features implemented. Adding widgets to the sheet is very easy

gtk_sheet_put (GtkSheet *sheet, GtkWidget *child, gint x, gint y);

* Move it with

gtk_sheet_move_child (GtkSheet *sheet, GtkWidget *widget, gint x, gint y);

* Remove it with

gtk_container_remove(GTK_CONTAINER(sheet), GtkWidget *child);

* Some signals have been renamed:

  "activate_cell" -> "activate"
  "deactivate_cell" -> "deactivate"
* Rejection option for activation/deactivation of the active cell.

* New signals:


* new function 

gtk_sheet_set_cell_text(GtkSheet *sheet, gint row, gint col, gchar *text);
(you don't have to set the justification)

* Some minor bugs fixed.


GtkSheet Xtra Widgets Set

Derived from Paolo Molaro's GtkCombo, it consists of a button, an arrow button,
and a popup window with a frame, that can contain a widget which is displayed
with the arrow. You can pack any widget in the frame (e.g. GtkCalendar).
It has been thought to be a parent class for the following widgets: 

It's a GtkComboBox subclass with a pallette of colors diplayed in a table.

It's a GtkComboBox subclass with a set of border patterns displayed in a table.

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