Re: configure_event

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Harold Campbell <> writes:
> > Can anyone tell me why it is that when I set set a value to
> > widget_class->configure in my widget init function that my
> > configure_event function is never called?
> Configure events are only set to toplevel widgets - the
> configure event is used to inform the application that
> the size of a window has been changed by the window
> manager.
> Generally, for subwidgets, the thing you are interested
> is the "size_allocate" signal, which says that GTK+
> has allocated a new size for the widget.
> Regards,
>                                         Owen

In my case I need the move information, also. This is for a video4linux
application, and when the device is in overlay mode, I have to tell it
screen coordinates. I have had this working in a regular window by
connecting to the topmost parent's configure. I have had this work
inside a Gnome panel applet by doing the same thing. The problem is I
want to be able to move the widget from the panel to a window, so I
can't use the same method since the parent changes. I tried moving this
parent walking code to a signal handler for parent_change, but then I
don't get the cofigure's until I've moved the widget to a window. It
then continues to work when it's moved back to the applet. Any thoughts,
or should I move my plight to gnome-devel?


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