Re: [gtk-list] gtk and html

> Does a gdk based browser exist, where can i take a look at the source
> code?

Yes:  see

> I think it is not unthinkable to port the whole gtk to a other software
> interface as X. But i wanted to know, if this exists already.

Yes:  see

> So for instance. I have a small mips based handheld, which runs 'powered
> by linux'. But there is not enough memory space for X. Therefore i
> decide to take a other graphical interface like 'myX'. MyX as a matter
> of principle has the same functional like X windows without any client/
> server or somethink like that. It would be smaller like X windows.

There's the moribund MGR ( 
windowing system, and Alex Holden's nano-X
( which is a compact X server that's
in the works.
Trevor Johnson

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