Weird problem I had.

Hi all.

I have made a program that a certain callback of it reads from a file
(same file all the time, but its being written by another program before
The first time it reads the file is ok and it functions correctly.

However, the second time I try to read from the file it gives me that:

GLib-CRITICAL **: file ghook.c: line 335 (g_hook_list_marshal_check):
assertion `hook_list->is_setup' failed.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

(I use glib-1.1.13)
Whats wrong???

Here is a part of the problematic code, when it is removed, then the
program doesnt dump core.

  fp = fopen("/tmp/output.temp","r");
  for(counter=0; counter<6; counter++)
    fscanf(fp,"%s",output_text); /*skipping useless info */
/* parsing the info, blah blah, doesnt matter for this error */  

If you need some more of the code, i can send it too, but i dont think
it is important anyway.



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