Re: Theme engine problems (was Re: HELP!!! )

Jesse Kaufman <> writes:

> ok, i just upgraded from gtk+-1.1.12 to gtk+-1.1.14, and i'm having
> problems...  anything compiled w/ 1.1.12 works GREAT, and themes look
> kewl, but when i run anything linked to gtk+-1.1.14 (ie gimp-1.1.1), my
> menus are blacked out, and the theme looks like the default gtk+ theme,
> but with a nasty pink color in the bckgrnd of all the scrollbars...
> what is going on???  is there something else i need to upgrade also?

The binary interface to theme engines changed recently.
So, you'll have to recompile the gtk-engines module. (and
grab a newer version). The recent versions of gtk-engines
include checks so this type of version-mismatch will be
reported with an error message.

BTW: Please put something useful in your subject line.

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