Perl Gtk: right mouse button context menu


I'm using Perl Gtk 0.5000 with gtk-1.0.6 and try to create a right mouse
context menu on a tree-item widget.

Connecting the signal handler etc. works fine, but I fail to create a
new window which is positioned under the mouse pointer.

The Gtk info file says, the Window widget has an user option "position"
which can be set to something like "pos_mouse". Perl Gtk aborts with an
error if I try to set this option.

	my $win = new Gtk::Widget "Gtk::Window",
                        type => -popup,
                        border_width => 0;
                        position => -pos_mouse;

	Unknown argument position of GtkWindow at ./ line 232.

Am I completely wrong or is this a Perl Gtk problem only? What is the
usual way to implement such a context menu?



Joern Reder            dimedis GmbH
Software Development   50674 Koeln


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