Re: [gtk-list] pixmap: one more problem

>  Now I have a quite large drawing_area (10000x10000)
>  scrolled_window, where drawing area is situated, and as well as I use
>  double buffering I should have a pixmap.
>  In examplea size of pixmap is equivalent to size of drawing_area, but I
>  dont need it to be more than scrolled_window size.
>  So: can I display a large drawing area throgh little pixmap?
>  I'll be very much obliged for any suggestions/examples.

You should not need to have such a big window.

If you want to do big scrolling, you can use the GtkLayout widget for
that.  It will use a window only as big as the visible area, and you
can simply use the scrolling offsets to see what to paint.

The GnomeCanvas uses this method for scrolling.


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