Problems with gdk_window_set_back_pixmap?

Okay, I just downloaded Gtk/Glib 1.1.13, and I'm having some weird
problems with setting the background of a GtkFixed widget. I have the
following code in my program:


pixmapWid = load_image(background,   
                       NULL, NULL);

gtk_pixmap_get(GTK_PIXMAP(pixmapWid), &pixmap, &bitmap);
gdk_window_set_back_pixmap(fixed->window, pixmap, FALSE);


Where load_image() calls imlib to load an image and return the the pixmap
widget.  The parameters to load_image() are:

load_image (char *filename,
            GdkWindow *window,
            GdkColor  *background,
            gint *width, gint *height);

and the "fixed" widet is a GtkFixed widget which is inside a window.  

Now, as you can see, the idea is to set the background image of the
GtkFixed widget.  The widget is visible (since the widget inside the
GtkFixed widget are visible), and realized before the background image is
set.  However, after the call to gdk_window_set_back_pixmap(), the
background is not set... instead, it's just gray (the standard default
background colour).

Now, this code worked fine when I was running Gtk/Glib 1.1.9, but I never
used any of the intermediate versions, so I don't know when things broke.
So, any ideas what could be going wrong here?


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