GtkCTree Selection bugs ...

If I have a GtkCTree widget in extended selection mode I get the following
selection behaviors:

Select 1 entry with the mouse: Returns that entry ... good
Select mutiple entries with <ctl>-click: Returns those entries as picked
Select range by click, <shft>-click end: Returns click entry fine, but
    reverses the order of the other entries ... not good
Select range by click, drag, release: Returns entries in *opposite* order
    from selected

My questions is: Can I change this behavior (ie. did I just miss a widget
flag?)?  Otherwise it looks like I'm going to have to find the range
selection subroutine in (CTree?  CList?) and fix it.

ObWhine: Is there anyway we could get the gtk-list archive on RedHat to
be both more timely and searchable?  I've got about 20 days worth of
posts archived up just because the archive doesn't grab the posts immediately.
This is not new technology, either.  Some of the mailing lists I'm on have
such efficient archives that it often gets there before it gets to me in
the mail.

Andy L.

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