Re: [gtk-list] Re: The plugin approach to internationalization -request for contact person

Are there any pages that one can refer to for general design of the new
internationalization system?

I'm interested in the font placement code, not really for
internationalization reasons, but for musical score notation and I think
someday (maybe in about a year, considering everything I'm working on
now), I'd like to design a music scoring application in GTK similar to the
now standard Coda Finale application, which costs like $700 and is far out
of the budget of most music students.

Will the font code be capable of manipulating the placement of its
characters very precisely, both in vertical and horizontal axes? Or for
this sort of application do you think fonts might be inappropriate?


On 22 Jan 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> This area of GTK+ is being extensively revised for the next
> version of GTK+. we are switching over to Unicode for
> all internal operations and completely replacing the Text
> widget in GTK+. This is still in the early stages of design.
> I suspect we probably will be using some sort plug-in architecture
> for rendering, and once I get a bit of time, I'll certainly
> be interested in taking a look at your stuff. 
> Raph Levien has been working a fair bit on Text display issues in the
> context of the gnome-print/gnome-text module. It will probably also
> use a plugin architecture for international layout. That work is 
> more oriented towards high-quality output. (It deals with things like
> ligatures, sophisticated hyphenation algorithms and kerning). But
> I'm hoping that it's possible to share the layout backends between
> that and GTK+.
> (Of course, a Text or Entry widget is not simply a matter
>  of display; one also needs to worry about selection and
>  cursor positioning)
> > Details about my proposal, along with a sample implementation (which is
> > NOT suitable for WYSIWIG type text widgets)  can be found in the URL: 
> > 
> >
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
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