setting focus?


I have a (small) problem: I have a Notebook with a couple of the same pages for
different outputs. On each page there is a GtkEntry for input. I want the
entrys to get the focus if I switch the pages of the notebook, so I tried:
- gtk_signal_connect_after on the notebook "switch_page"
- adding gtk_widget_grab_focus on the entry in the current page.

There simply doens't happen anything... the label on the tab still has the
focus. Using gtk_window_set_focus on the window/entry doens't work. Using
GTK_WIDGET_UNSET_FLAGS(tablabel_widget, GTK_CAN_FOCUS) doens't help either, the
label keeps on having the focus ....

The calls are using the correct widgets...

If I create a new notebook_page while running, that entry there gets the focus,
but I suspect that is because it is the last widget created.

Am I missing anything?

Help much appriciated,

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