Re: [gtk-list] History

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> I'm curious about the origins of the GTK+ API.  A student of mine with
> Windows experience is telling me that it looks very, very similar to
> the Borland OWL toolkit (which I have zero experience with).  Was that
> an inspiration early on?  Or is this a matter of all graphics APIs
> looking pretty similar at some level....

Borland OWL ? I don't think so, but it's very possible to be wrong.
Please ask you student to teach me more about this :-) If you are
talking about VDK, a C++ wrapper arround gtk, than yes, that's realy
very similar with Borland's stuff, but with C++ Builder (that's its goal
actually:-). But BCB is based on VCL, the ObjectPascal classes, not on
OWL. The VDK is purely C++.


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