gtk+-1.1.12 compiles on Slackware!

I finally got gtk+-1.1.12 to compile on my Slackware (?3.5) system.
Before I was getting an undefined reference to 'dgettext'. I needed to
install gettext-0.10.35 ( not easy to find but out there). But in order
for the new gettext to compile I needed libtool-1.2d. 
With libtool-1.2d installed, gettext-0.10,35 compiled and installed and
then also gtk+-1.1.12.

---- Thanks Gleef!!-----------

I would like to make the general comment that gnome is very difficult
to get going on a Slackware system.  I was finally able to compile it
from scratch on a new Debian system, but haven't completed the job on
my Slackware system.  It is particularly tricky compiling the graphic
libraries (png libz jpeg etc.). It would be nice if somebody put these
all together in one tarball that could be compiled all at once using 

Tom Corner 
|\/\/\___/\/\/|          Carol Anne Corner &
\____ o o ____/   Thomas Corner <>
     )   (               20-Jan-99 13:12:31
    ( * * )    

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