Re: [gtk-list] sorting out mailinglist


What you probably want is procmail, which can filter your mail into 
separate mail folders based on the mail headers.  Also, mutt is IMHO a
much better program for reading lists than elm, with nice features like
message threading and colour support.

Alternatively, you could try Balsa, the Gnome email client.  Balsa
doesn't support message threading yet, but does have filters which you
can configure using the GUI (procmail is configured via text files).


On Mon, Jan 18, 1999 at 06:51:13PM +0100, Sven Grundmann wrote:
> Hi ! 
> I am a newbie in reading  mailinglists . Due to the high traffic in this
> list i am a bit flooded of the mails . I am using elm . Is there a method
> for sorting out the mailinglist mails to read them seperatly cause i dont
> want to miss a private mail .
> ciao 
> Sven Grundmann 
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