Re: [gtk-list] error of compiling Gtk-0.4 for Perl

olivier demah wrote:
> Version of perl i use : Perl5.004
> Version of Perl/Gtk i try to install/compil : Gtk-0.4
> 1rst Problem :
> after i type : perl Makefile.PL --with-gdkimlib
> "unrecognizer argument in LIBS ignored '-rdynamic'"
> 2nd problem :
> after i type : make test
> "Can't localte Data/Dumper in @INC....perl5004" etc

You can ignore the first warning.

As for the second one, you haven't got the Data::Dumper module
installed. It comes as standard with the latest Perl (5.005_02),
but if you don't want to upgrade, just grab the module from
CPAN. Uncompress and de-tar it, then do the standard:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

One thing though, Gtk-0.4 is a first stab at support for the
1.1.x series of GTK++. I found it didn't compile with the
current 1.1.12. The stabl(ish) Gtk-0.3 compiles very nicely
with the stable GTK++ 1.0.6.

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