Re: [gtk-list] How does GTK position windows?

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Mohamed Hendawi wrote:
> This should be a simple question.  I am trying to get started with GTK
> programming.  I compiled the helloworld example, however I can't seem
> to figure out how it decides to position the window.  It seems like
> the window manager is picking the location to display the window which
> is usually one of the corners of the screen.  This is rather annoying
> so I put in a call to the following:
>  gtk_widget_set_uposition(window, 100, 50);    

The window manager does pick it, and it is considered Wrong Behavior for
your app to override that. Apps should only request a particular position
if the user asks, for example you might provide a --geometry argument on
the command line. 

Any decent window manager will let you configure how windows are
positioned, so you can get the behavior you like. 

> This doesn't seem to do anything.  Is this the proper call?  Is there
> a way to have a window positioned in 
> a specific location irrespective of the window manager?

You're right that set_uposition should do this. I don't know why it isn't
working for you.


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