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I'm experimenting. I'm trying to create an application that has tabs along
the titlebar. I know this could be done in Windows, but I don't think it
would be any less complicated.

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Date: January 15, 1999 7:15 AM
Subject: [gtk-list] Re: Custom Widget Question

>>Well, since I'm experimenting, I'll do just that. I'll see if I can make
>>my own title bar, with all the title bar buttons. Could become an
>>interesting interface. Could also stink.
>This is generally a bad idea, because (a) you get windows with different
types of title bar; (b) you can only manipulate the window when the
application's awake (ever used a Windows system where an application's
crashed and you can't move its window out of the way?) and (c) you don't
know about any extra features that the window manager provides (or requires
in some situations). X11Amp did this and the authors got a lot of grief. My
window manager, Window Maker, puts its own title bar on X11Amp windows and
it looks very strange.
>It sounds as if this is the wrong solution to your problem. What do you
want to do?
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