Re: [gtk-list] Re: ItemFactory anyone?

On 01/14/99 Jan Kratochvil uttered the following other thing:
>   It's just ineffective (but surely better than the glist solution). BTW
> (maintainers, listen... :-) ) does anyone know why the hell it is defined
> as guint and not gpointer and why it is named "action" and not "data" as
> usual in other places of GTK+? Wasn't it meant as for some other meaning?

This was my first thought, but then I looked closer at the
implementation of gtkitemfactory.c and found:
struct _GtkIFCBData
  GtkItemFactoryCallback  func;
  guint                   callback_type;
  gpointer                func_data;
  guint                   callback_action;

And the function:
void    gtk_item_factory_create_item    (GtkItemFactory *ifactory,
                                         GtkItemFactoryEntry    *entry,
					 gpointer callback_data,
					 guint callback_type);

And, looking at the callbacks:
typedef void    (*GtkItemFactoryCallback1) (gpointer callback_data,
                                            guint callback_action,
					    GtkWidget *widget);
typedef void    (*GtkItemFactoryCallback2) (GtkWidget *widget,
                                            gpointer callback_data,
					    guint callback_action);

>From this, we can see that there is both an action and data, but I don't
know what the distinction is, and you can't add the data to the

In my program, I was generating the menu from a configuration file, and
creating a MenuEntry list to generate the menu, but it appears
that I need to directly create the menu now, as the ItemFactory doesn't
allow you to specify the data any more.  I have another program where I
filled in the data portion of the MenuEntry structure at run-time, and
now I can't use that either.

Also, there is a lot more in the ItemFactory code, including parsing
strings?  So, is there any documentation or comments from people who
wrote it?

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