Re: [IRIX6.5] Gtk 1.1.12 Compilation Weirdness ...

Ronan Bourlier <> writes:

> > But if nobody tries to use SGI cc or make (actually, cc,
> > in the past has had _less_ reported problems than GCC on IRIX),
> > is 1.2 supposed to be stable on IRIX?
> > 
> > GTK+ is supposed to work without gmake and has worked OK
> > with other makes in the past. Most of the core GTK+
> > developers don't personally have access to SGI boxes,
> > so we rely on other people to figure out what is happening
> > in these sorts of situations and submit patches.
> Hi Owen, I totally agree with you, it should work on all platforms.
> But as you said, most of people don't have access to SGI boxes.
> It's then up to you (and me and other SGI developers) to make it work on
> with the SGI tools.
> I am willing to help on that, but I don't want to do that again 
> and again for each new modifications.

Well, if people on every platform waited until we released
1.2 before working on portability, it would be a pretty
sorry 1.2 release.

We're in feature-freeze for 1.2 now, precisely so that
people can work on bug-fixes and portability problems
without worrying about major changes to GTK+ occurring
> Just for information, I have the same problem with make,
> but it works with gmake.
> I just had to make a modification in : gdkrgb.c
> (gpointer)malloc instead of malloc on line 645

OK, I'll add that cast. (One thing that has shown up
many times is that IRIX cc is twice as picky as any
other compiler ever invented.)


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