Re: [gtk-list] Gtk-- 0.10.3 link errors

Kevin Handy <> writes:

> I'm sure it's probably a missing parameter to the link,
> because I get the same error when trying to link testgtkmm
> with the command line, but it will link if I use the 'make'
> command.

It may also mean that you haven't properly installed Gtk--, or check
both command lines and see if you can find a difference other than the
place the Gtk-- and Gdk-- libs are found. Make sure you ran ldconfig
both after installing gtk+ and Gtk--.
> With the following test program

This compiled without a problem with the last CVS snapshot. You may
want to get it, but it will force you to upgrade gtk+ from CVS as
well. I suggest you either wait for the next gtk+ and Gtk--, or
downgrade to your previously working versions. If neither are an
option, email me and I'll try to provide you with a patch.

> Also, shouldn't the -pedantic option be handled by the
> 'gtkmm-config' command, since the build of Gtk-- (which creates
> gtkmm-config) should know if it was compiled -pedantic or not?

Yup. I'll ask Tero about it.


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