Gtk-- 0.10.3 link errors

I made the mistake of trying to update to the latest
glib/gtk  (1.1.12) and Glib-- (0.10.3), and now can't get
things to compile.

I'm sure it's probably a missing parameter to the link,
because I get the same error when trying to link testgtkmm
with the command line, but it will link if I use the 'make'

With the following test program

#include <gtk--.h>

class test1 : public Gtk_Window
  test1() {}
  gint delete_event_impl(GdkEventAny*);

gint test1::delete_event_impl(GdkEventAny* )

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
        Gtk_Main m(&argc, &argv);
        test1 mw;;;
        return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Using the following command to compile/link this (straight from the
documentation, with the addition of the -pedantic flag which is also
required), which worked on a previous version of Gtk-- (0.10.2, gtk

$ g++ `gtkmm-config --cflags` -pedantic `gtkmm-config --libs`

I get the following errors

/usr//lib/ undefined reference to
/usr//lib/ undefined reference to `Gdk_Window virtual
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Am I missing something in the documentation? Or do I need to set up to
link with libtools and local copies of the libraries like the test

Also, shouldn't the -pedantic option be handled by the 'gtkmm-config'
command, since the build of Gtk-- (which creates gtkmm-config) should
if it was compiled -pedantic or not?

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